ANIAR ACADEMY of IRISH ☘️ DANCE – 27601 Forbes Rd. Ste #9, Laguna Niguel CA 92677 ☘️ Call or text Miss Christine at 949-274-2821 for private lessons or any info ☘️

JULY TUITION NOW DUE – thanks so much! If you are paying after July 1st, please add a $15 late fee. You may pay with cash or check or Venmo – look for @christine26 and a red shamrock.


GOLD COAST FEIS – this is a double Feis. August 17-18. Indian Wells, Palm Springs area – enter at http://www.feisworx.com – the Feis on one day is called Gold Coast in Gaelic.

SUMMER DANCE CAMPS coming in JULY!!! Will hand out information for camps and dance intensives to dancers. This information will also be put on the aniar blog with summer dance camp headings!


ANIAR ACADEMY OF IRISH DANCE – 27601 Forbes Road STE #9, Laguna Niguel, CA  92677, 949-274-2821  Call or text for information or for private lessons.

JUNE tuition is now due – thanks so much!  You may make a cash or check payment to Aniar or you may also pay with venmo – look for @christine26 and a red shamrock.


GRAND CANYON FEIS and THE SCOTTSDALE FEIS June 1-2 (double feis) – both of these can be found on feisworx.com.  The feis rate is available (within a certain block of time) a couple of days before and after the feis for any families wishing to take a little summer vacation.

LUCKY SEVENS FEIS JUNE 1st and 2nd, San Jose.

FEIS ORANGE COUNTY, June 15 &16  Renaissance, Newport Beach $145 feis rate.  This feis is still open for registration – the late fee applies on May 31st.

GOLD COAST FEIS, Aug. 17-18  (double feis)  Indian Wells (Palm Springs Area)  Entry closing date Aug. 2.  All above competitions can be entered at http://www.feisworx.com.

😎😎SUMMER CAMPS COMING in JULY and AUGUST 😎😎  stay tuned!  We wish the best of luck to our dancers going to Vancouver to compete in the North American Championships! We are so proud of these dancers for their hard work and dedication!  Keep them in your thoughts during the first week of July –



MAY Aniar News🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

Aniar Irish 🍀 Dance.  27601 Forbes Rd. STE 9.  Laguna Niguel, CA 92677.  949-274-2821 – call or text

HAPPY SPRING-  May tuition is now due.  You may pay with check, cash or Venmo.  Look for Christine Byrne and a red shamrock.  

Congratulations to Aniar Dancers for a successful feis in Las Vegas!  We had lots of placings and we have a new dancer in OPEN CHAMPS!  Matilda won two championships to move up into Open Championships to make four of the required three wins!  This also qualifies Matilda to dance at the North American Championships in Vancouver this July – where she will be in good company with Valerie, Alessandra, and Clare who got second place in her championships with one score of a perfect 100!   Katie got  5th place in championship and she got first place in her blind treble reel special!  Milaina also did really well for having a “bum” ankle.  She placed in two of her solos in championship!  Novice and PW Dancers did a great job too.  Ava walked away with several first places. Julia moved her Saint Patrick’s day up to prizewinner, Campbell got a first place and Reagan placed in some of her prizewinner dances – which means that all these dancers did a great job and belong in the harder competition levels.  Novice and PW are the places that tomorrow’s champs are honing their craft to make it into championships!

The NOVICE and PW dancers are getting  correction sheets (like the champions) to help them focus on moving up their dances.  They are picking one dance  in soft shoe and one in hard shoe.  They will have one correction for each step.  The nov/pz dancers will drill those corrections and we will help them move up their selected dances.  GOOD LUCK to our dancers who are competing this weekend in Arizona!



June 15-16

Renaissaince Newport Beach 



AUGUST 17-18

enter at http://www.feisworx.com

ENYRY closing:  AUG 2.  This is a double feis.   Gold Coast and Gold Coast in Gaelic are the names of the two competitions

Enter at http://www.feisworx.com

Entry closing date:  May 24

FIND info for other feisanna on feisworx .  

Check back here for pics of the Las Vegas feis!  Coming soon!







Aniar Irish 🍀 Dance .  27601 Forbes Rd STE 9 Laguna Niguel, ca 92677.  949-274-2821.


APRIL TUITION due April 1st – thanks so much!  If you are paying after the first of April – please add a $15 late fee to your April payment – thanks!

☘️☘️☘️  THANKS to all our dancers for a fabulous MARCH MADNESS SEASON!  You were all great and did ANIAR proud!

APRIL SHOW – APRIL 14 –  Easter extravaganza – more info coming!

WiSH ALESSANDRA good luck 🍀 at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS on APRIL 19th!  We are so proud of Alessandra – the top qualifier from the western region in her age category!  Best of luck ale!

FEIS INFO – the following feis Info can be found at http://www.feisworx.com.  If you need help signing up for a feis – contact Miss Christine – text – 949-274-2821.

SILVER STATE FEIS – April 26-27 – North Las Vegas

FEILE RINCE TUCSON – May 4-5Th Tucson, Arizona – double feis


🍀HAPPY MARCH MADNESS everyone! This is our busy time so please make sure you check on the Aniar blog for updates!

🍀MARCH TUITION DUE- thanks so much! You may pay by check, cash, Venmo or credit card. If you are paying After the first week of march please add a $15 late fee to your tuition.  

🍀ANIAR had a great time at the ROSE RITCHIE feis! Thanks to the Rose Ritchie school For making the feis fun and supportive!

🍀All Of our dancers moved dances up the second day and the champs also had a great day on the Saturday!  

🍀Clare placed in two solos in open champs 

🍀Valerie got 5th in open champs 

🍀Katie got 6th in preliminary champs

🍀Malaina got 5th in preliminary champs

🍀 and Matilda got her second first place in preliminary champs    



$50 per person or per family – so bring them all!

March Sundays 2:00-3:00 pm

Aniar Academy Irish Dance Studio


🍀3/2 Pacific Northwest Championships, Seattle available on feisworx

3/30 Emerald City Feis – Seattle available on feisworx

4/5 cowboy state feis, Wyoming available on feisworx

4/6 city by the bay feis SFO , available on feisworx

4/27 silver state feis Las Vegas , available on feisworx

If you need help signing up for these please contact miss Christine 949-274-2821.

🍀 A separate blog will be going up later today entitled MARCH MADNESS SHOWS 2019. That blog will be updated constantly so please keep checking that blog for updated info! Thanks so much!

— Miss Christine

ANIAR February News ❤️❤️❤️

❄️❄️WINTER RECITAL    –  THANKS  to all of you who attended the ANIAR winter recital!  i think all would agree that our dancers rocked!   Please send pictures if you have any so i can post them!

🍀🍀🍀Rose Ritchie feis is available On http://www.feisworx.com for sign up. This competition is in San Diego and it is a fun feis with some new categories such as a vocal competition – not all dance ha ha . Last day to sign up down this feis: FEB 8

❤️❤️❤️Stay tuned for info on a craft night for younger students which will happen on a Saturday night close to Valentine’s Night so parents can drop kids off for a fun kid’s valentines party while they go have a nice night out to eat without their kids – open to dancers and all kids who may be connected to Aniar – we will make sure all have a fun night!

ANIAR dances in desert

ANIAR IRISH DANCERS went to Arizona to dance compete in: Feis in the Desert and Dance in the Dust.

‘Congratulations are in order for Milaina, Katie, Fabiola and Matilda! All four of these dancers did a fabulous job! Katie got high marks on her grade exams, Milaina did a great job in her special and also won a huge panda. Fabiola got a huge trophy and Matilda got her first FIRST PLACE in preliminary championships! Huge congrats to all!


Come watch our dancers shine on Sunday, January 27th

at ANIAR ACADEMY IRISH DANCE 27601 Forbes Rd. Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 949-274-2821

5:00 pm SHOWTIME – Dancers arrive by 4:30

$10 at the door for audience – thank you so much


Friday, Feb. 15, 7:00 ish – still waiting to nail down time. The event starts at 6:00 and they will have all all kinds of food there. This is a great opportunity to bet volunteer hours for school. I have a couple of dancers signed up but could use some more – so let me know if you can make it! Thanks so much –

🍀 MARCH MADNESS starting early

❄️WINTER RECITAL Sunday jan. 27th 5:00 pm – look at previous blog for info.

🍀 IRVINE HIGH SCHOOL MULTICULTURAL EVENT FRIDAY, FEB. 15 , 7:00 pm ish – the whole event starts at 6:00 – This is a good opportunity to get some volunteer hours for your school. Let me know if your dancer can make it!

🍀MARCH CEILI SESSION   coming – stay tuned for days and times!  six week session that will cover most popular ceili dances – open To those who have danced and those who have never danced!