ūüćÄ MARCH MADNESS starting early

‚ĚĄÔłŹWINTER RECITAL Sunday jan. 27th 5:00 pm – look at previous blog for info.

ūüćÄ IRVINE HIGH SCHOOL MULTICULTURAL EVENT FRIDAY, FEB. 15 , 7:00 pm ish – the whole event starts at 6:00 – This is a good opportunity to get some volunteer hours for your school. Let¬†me¬†know¬†if¬†your¬†dancer¬†can¬†make¬†it!

ūüćÄMARCH CEILI SESSION ¬†¬†coming¬†–¬†stay¬†tuned¬†for¬†days¬†and¬†times!¬†¬†six¬†week¬†session¬†that¬†will¬†cover¬†most¬†popular¬†ceili¬†dances¬†–¬†open¬†To¬†those¬†who¬†have¬†danced¬†and¬†those¬†who¬†have¬†never¬†danced!

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